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The full featured test stand that securely holds the light source and the tester while running tests.

A modular design that makes testing easier and more consistent. Click here for details

Introducing the Phochron Test fixture

This 3D printed test stand allows you to keep your light source, camera, and the tester all in line for consistent and repeatable testing

The basic model of the stand has a cradle to hold the test set and a friction fit light source holder. Each can be adjusted in height to match the camera under test.

The “deluxe” add-on adds a holder for the curtain sensor block and an additional stand.

Here’s the contents of the basic kit. Includes the  tester holder, the light holder,  a base, and the upright.. Price $32 USD

Scales on the sides of  the uprights helps in lining everything up.

For testing deep cameras with bellows or vintage box cameras, an extension kit allows for the light source to be held inside the camera body. The base plate can also be extended to accommodate the larger camera.

Printed with a  plastic filament material called “PLA” which is durable and stable.

A view from the rear of the open box, showing the light source inside placed near the lens

Here’s the contents of the deluxe kit. Includes the external sensor module holder and an upright. Price $8 USD

Here’s the contents of the extension kit. Includes the Light extension wand, and two base extender pieces. Price $12 USD

The Extension plates in use on the base.