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Production of the Phochron has stopped. I am currently sold out. Thank you all for supporting this product...

The Phochron is now discontinued. I am currently sold out. I will continue to support the units in the field, and will still still fixtures if needed.

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The basic tester is $135 (limited avail)

The deluxe version which includes the external curtain sensor test module is $155. (Limited availability)

The basic test stand is $32

The deluxe test stand add-on is $8

The test stand extension kit is $10

Shipping: $8 USA, $24  to $56USD international.

Send me an email or fill out the form to the right and I will send you a paypal invoice. Include your location so I can calculate shipping cost. All prices are in US dollars.

Thanks!  -Eric Bergstrom

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Grand Haven, MI USA

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Visit the Phochron Facebook group to see other users set-ups and tips. Many questions regarding use are discussed here.

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