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The full featured test stand that securely holds the light source and the tester while running tests.

A modular design that makes testing easier and more consistent. Click here for details

Quick, Accurate Shutter Testing

The Phochron XA is a microprocessor based, hand held testing device used to check the accuracy and consistency of shutters from all types of film cameras. View cameras, large format, 35mm SLR, TLR, box cameras, toy cameras, instamatics, Holgas, Brownies... You can test them all !!

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SLR curtain shutter testing

Use the external sensor module to do extensive tests on curtain shutters.

Calibration Check mode

The calibration check mode is used to verify the accuracy of the sensors

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Simple Shutter testing

Use the built-in sensor for testing all types of shutters

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The only tester available that has an oscilloscope waveform display!

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Download the English language user guide here. For other languages:

Go to Click on the “From” and “To” tabs to select first, what language the original PDF is in (From), and what language you want it translated into (To). Click on “browse“ and then select the PDF file from your computer that you want translated

The basic tester is $135USD, the deluxe version is $155USD. Shipping to the USA is $8 and shipping international ranges from $24 To $35. I accept paypal as a payment option . Send me a quick email, and I can send you a paypal invoice. Include your location so I know how much the shipping cost will be:

New! Introducing the Phochron Test fixture

The test fixture is an ideal way to hold the tester and the light source steady while running shutter tests. It is fully adjustable in height and distance. It is a modular design that allows the user to arrange the components for nearly any camera.

Here’s a few photos of the new test fixture for both simple shutter testing and in use during curtain shutter testing. Click here to for more information.